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  • Registered Professional Engineer - TX (PE# 58122)
  • Texas Licensed "Mold Assessment Consultant" (#MAC0273)
  • Certified Thermographer
  • Certified Safety Professional (#CSP13942)
  • 20+ years mold/moisture experience
  • 30+ years full time safety professional experience

We can detect and document moisture in your residence/apartment/business using our infrared camera - with color printouts.  Moisture meters are used to confirm moisture presences.


Onsite documentation on CD of your water damages for your insurance company - infrared images and digital images on CD for your documentation of water damage by an unbiased third party (Professional Engineer - TX) - confirmed with moisture meter. 

We check your property for WET areas AFTER your water extraction efforts are finished (either by you or your water extraction company).  Make sure your moisture is removed or you may face mold damage at a later date!  Don't let a moisture issue turn into a mold problem!!

If you are a landlord, have your properties checked for water damage that may not be obvious to the tennant.  Large areas can be quickly and economically imaged.

Document your "WIND BLOWN" moisture entry at windows/roofs with INFRARED IMAGES so that you can make sure your insurance coverage is intact.  Don't get caught with "only" rising water (flood) evidence when the "wind blown" evidence has "dried up" by the time the adjuster gets to your home!!! 

Price is quoted PRIOR to work being done.  Infrared image is placed on CD at time work is performed at your site!!  Payment due when you RECEIVE work product!!  Reasonable rates.


Infrared image above shows moisture in blue.

Have you had any of the following:

  • Plumbing leaks (water heater, pipes, faucets, etc.)
  • Air conditioning condensate overflow leaks
  • Flooding
  • Roof leaks
  • Window leaks

Has your home/office completely dried out?  How do you know? There could be hidden moisture above ceilings or in wall cavities!


  • $250 for first half hour on-site - infrared imaging.
  • Standard report: $25 per documented IR image with associated digital photo.
  • If detailed report needed, quote provided at time of service.

If you call us soon after the water occurrence, we can document your moisture presence BEFORE your water damage evidence "dries up".  Don't let your water damage evidence "dry up" before your insurance adjuster or "responsible party" shows up!

How do you KNOW if your water extraction company has really removed the moisture in your building/residence?  We can provide an unbiased evaluation with our infrared camera to determine if there is any remaining moisture.

Involved in legal action concerning moisture/mold issues?  Dan Yates provides expert witness services.  Travis county expert witness trial experience.

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